How Do Top British Retailers Use Pinterest?

Posted on 14 Nov 2013
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Pinterest is a great marketing tool used by many British retailers. People like seeing beautiful images and 'pinning' them to their walls for others to see. This is a successful strategy to direct potential customers to ecommerce websites and increase the number of online sales.

Pinterest As A Way To Successful Ecommerce Websites

Big British retailers know how to attract new clients and maintain a constant desire for their products. Lots of top retailers, such as Next or Tesco, use Pinterest to attract new customers.

The main advantage of Pinterest is that it enables you to present your brand image with lots of attractive pictures. People like to share their views on fashion, design, household items, food and various other subjects. It is a perfect opportunity to make your products visible and attractive for thousands of users who will pin and re-pin your images, and therefore increase clientele. Top British retailers use various strategies to stimulate their popularity through Pinterest. Some of these are:

  • Including third–party content. It's useful to put images not only from your ecommerce store, but also from third–party websites and blogs. Sharing interesting ideas with others is useful for your customers and will increase the popularity of your account.
  • Re-pinning images. It is advisable to re-pin photos from other users. Your company will therefore show a high level of social engagement and create a more 'human presence' for your account.
  • Using as many photos as possible. The more photos you put on your Pinterest account, the more people will re-pin your content. For example, Next has shared more than 2500 images in one year and received about 4000 new followers.
  • Competitions. Running competitions to win the products of your company – or other special gifts – for sharing your posts is a good idea. You will increase your audience and stimulate new re-pins even after the competition is over.
  • Making interesting boards. Your visitors will be pleased to find new boards with interesting and creative ideas. For example, you can create various gift idea lists or tips to improve your clients' home design. People appreciate practical suggestions and will trust your company for providing helpful information.

These simple ways to improve your Pinterest account are used by many of the most successful British retailers. This social network will help to attract thousands of customers to your ecommerce website. Beautiful images and creative text underneath it can make a huge improvement to your online sales.

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