How You Should not Use Social Media For Ecommerce

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Social media plays a great part in our everyday lives. It is no surprise that many brands have started to use it to reach more customers. However, while there is a lot of advice telling you what to do with your social media account, we would like to tell you about what not to do.

What Ecommerce Websites Should Avoid While using Social Media

ocial media platforms are a great way to communicate with your customers, as well as to keep them updated on what your company is up to. However, some brands still fail to follow certain rules and are left with unhappy clients. Take a look at some of the worst mistakes made on social media:

  • Being inappropriate. Social media is a great representational tool for your brand. However, some ecommerce websites still get it wrong. Posting inappropriate photos, videos, or any other content that could offend will significantly harm the reputation of your brand. You have to know your audience if you want to know what appeals to them. As a rule of thumb, avoid anything that might offend someone.
  • Concentrating only on yourself. Social media is about getting to know your audience and letting them get to know you. If you stuff your account with promotional messages and fail to connect with your audience, you simply won't get your message across. No one likes to be sold to; your messages have to have personality and be useful and engaging to the reader.
  • Abandoning your account. Abandoning or not updating your account reflects poorly on your brand. If your ecommerce website has a link to another social account make sure the user can find useful information when they land there. If you forget to update it, you should consider having someone manage all your company's social media accounts.
  • Posting too many updates. Posting too many updates is just as bad as abandoning your social media account. There has to be balance everywhere. Updates should be posted no more than 2-5 times a day (depending on the social media account you have). Also, updates need to be relevant and engage audience.
  • Getting frustrated because you think it's not working. Social media is somewhat similar to search engine optimisation. You are there to gain long term advantages rather than reach your short term goals. Make sure you regularly update your account and allow time to expand your friend and follower list.

What Every Ecommerce Website Should Know

Social media accounts are a great way to communicate with your audience on a more personal level. While it can become a great advertising tool everything has to be done subtly and with time. Don't post all of the items you sell and then expect customers to be entertained.

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