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Posted on 27 Feb 2014
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If you own an ecommerce business in today's cutthroat financially focused world, it is imperative that your customers can easily and readily find your website. Given the wealth of ecommerce and SEO based organization out there, choosing the right one can be a seemingly overwhelming, and time consuming task. To make things easier, here's a selection of the most important features you should look out for when expanding your ecommerce platform:

5 Key SEO features every ecommerce platform should have:

• Dynamic XML Sitemap Capabilities – Choose an ecommerce platform which will allow you to easily and readily create an updated XML sitemap, so that you can manage your page from a single access point. Dynamic XML sitemap gives you the freedom to delete, update, move and change products and services often. Be sure to submit the new version of your site to Google and Bing webmaster tools, so that your content becomes indexed and starts to show in search engines immediately.

• Image Handling Capabilities – If an ecommerce site has this feature, then you know it is a good one. This ensures that your images will always retain the same URL address, regardless of what pages they may appear on. For example if an image of a product is on your homepage as well as a product page, then you keep the same URL for both.

• Customized Meta Tags – It is best to choose an ecommerce platform that offers customizable Meta tags. If you own an online storefront, then you need to be able to continually change your Meta tags right down to the product level. This will allow you to optimize your page very efficiently.

• Create Your Own Taxonomy – The best ecommerce platforms will give you the right to customize nearly everything on your online storefront, including your site layout. You can choose your own categories and categories, resulting in a web store that is easy to navigate and promotes customer engagement. Not only does this improve user experience but it also benefits your site in terms of SEO.

• Control over your URLS – Simply, the more control you have over your URLS, the more SEO friendly your page will be. There will be less of those unprofessional '404' errors. When you move or delete a web page you can easily place a redirect URL to guide people to the right site.

Advansys – Ecommerce Solutions

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