Optimise Your Ecommerce Website to Target Growing US Market

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Optimise Your Ecommerce Website to Target Growing US Market

Online retail sales on ecommerce websites has grown at four times the rate of total consumer spending, for the second quarter in the US market. Compared to last year, ecommerce sales in Q2 of 2012 is 15.3% higher and compared to Q1 of this year, there was a 3.3% increase.

Around $54.8billion of ecommerce sales were made between April and June this year, which is an incredible amount. This is extremely positive news for businesses operating in the ecommerce industry as they can seize this opportunity to reach the US market and achieve considerable success. The online market is accessible to consumers of all income levels, and with the US being such a densely populated country, a majority of ecommerce websites can identify a solid target market.

Advansys Ecommerce Solutions Specific to Your Business

In order to fully reap the benefits of this online retail boom, make sure you're ecommerce website is optimised to be highly visible on search engines, increase conversions and retain customers. Advansys are ecommerce solutions experts who provide their customers with a combination of ecommerce and internet marketing services which strengthen their online presence, long term.

When designing your website they consider not only the aesthetic aspect but also its function and how it supports your overall business processes and goals. They are also in tune with the fast paced and dynamic online business world, so you receive tailor made ecommerce solutions that are responsive and complementary to the current market conditions.

Visit Advansys reviews to see how previous clients have benefited from an Advansys ecommerce website design. Contact a member of their team by telephone: 0845 838 2700 or email: sales@advansys.com

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