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Social sites are one of the most popular types of websites on the web. They allow users to have a space of the web to call their own, share every aspect of their lives with the people they choose and the freedom to discuss and talk about whatever they want. But your probably thinking how does that relate to my ecommerce website, and how can the potential of social media integration help my business?

Why Should You Integrate Social Media With Your Main eCommerce Platform?

By using all of the available social outlets the web has to offer you can easily raise awareness about your ecommerce solution with minimal spending. Announce events on your facebook page, create a lively discussion on your twitter page, blog about important news about the business, the list is truly endless as to what you can do with social media to improve your ecommerce websites online presence.

The Internet & Real-Time Web

Real time web is the amazing ability to produce news instantly, for instance when Michel Jackson died, the news of his death spread through twitter like a wildfire so much so that it caused it to crash. News instantly is far better, no waiting around for newspapers to print or media articles to be written, when a simple tweet or Facebook post can cause a massive knock effect which is great social business for any ecommerce website. With its effectiveness and speed even large search engines such as google and bling have included social feeds into their search results.

All of these different ways to spread the name of your ecommerce solution to the public and all within your grasp. Now is the perfect time to jump aboard the social media integration train and start reaping the rewards of this latest technology.

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