The Benefits of Advertising Through Ecommerce

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The UK's online performance marketing industry drives around 5% or 6% of all UK ecommerce sales, a unique study into the industry has found.

Advertising through ecommerce web design

The study, organised by PwC for the Interactive Advertising Bureau UK (IAB), found that UK advertisers invested 814m in online marketing last year and produced resulting sales of 9bn, mainly through ecommerce solutions.

The investigation studied affiliate marketing, in which advertisers pay a fee when a user clicks and buys something from an affiliate link; it also studied lead generation, in which users give out details to contact them as a result of persuasive advertising. In 2012 UK purchasers completed approximately 100m direct transactions worth 8bn as a result of affiliate marketing and an ecommerce solution. Purchasers put in 70m enquiries which brought about 1bn in sales as a result of lead generation.

According to Tim Elkington, chief of research and strategy at IAB UK, he said that it is relatively unknown. Even though 3,500 advertisers and 10,000 publishers are involved in online performance marketing it continues to be seen as a secret. This is especially noteworthy, considering every year it drives over two online purchases for every UK adult and is the source of the equivalent of every UK person filling out a form and demonstrating interest in a product creating 11 of income for every 1 spent.. All the more reason to start working on your ecommerce web design.

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