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When selling online it is important to think of new and innovative ways in which you can produce higher conversion rates and increase the sales on your website. The rise of selling from ecommerce solutions has increased drastically over the years and is forecast to continue in the same manner.

A perfect way of previewing products that you sell online and showcasing how they work, or look, is through the use of adding a video. The use of this means that the consumer can see how the product works or how it looks when in motion.

Product video has received a lot of positive press in the conversion world these days. It has been reported that online retailers have seen a conversion lift of between 6% and 30% when they add videos to their product pages.

When buying online, customers normally only see pictures and a description of the product that they are enquiring about. The only downfall of this is that the consumer only has that to go by when buying the item. So adding a snippet of what the product can do, can persuade a buyer into purchasing that item that they may have hesitated at buying before.

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