Where Should You Be Acquiring Ecommerce Reviews?

Posted on 14 Oct 2014
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Ecommerce reviews are beneficial in more ways than one. Firstly, they let you know how you're doing and what consumers really think of your products or service. Secondly, they give other potential consumers additional information on a product, which may or may not sway them into making that all important transaction. But you know all the benefits ecommerce reviews can bring you already. So instead we're going to discuss some of the best places to encourage ecommerce reviews, and where you can find those sneaky ones you didn't know existed!

Where Are My Consumers Going To Write Their Ecommerce Review?

We'll start with the most obvious place – your website. If a consumer buys online or in-store, they'll expect to be able to leave a review on your main website in they so wish. Don't make your review page hard to find either - consumers want an easy ride when it comes to leaving a review. They've already decided to make the effort to write one, so do them a favour and put 'Leave a Review' or something similar somewhere they're likely to see it on your site!

Don't forget about your company's social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have recommendation pages for consumers to leave an ecommerce review, and a quick search of your company on any of these sites will lead your consumer to many different users comments on your services. A social media page is also a great way to promote your products and encourage feedback too, and because they provide a link to users' profiles, they also put a face to a name - making potential consumers' think of these ecommerce reviews as particularly credible and trustworthy.

There are also websites which are dedicated to reviewers and those looking for advice on a certain product, company or service. Take Tripadvisor for instance – holiday makers the world over leave ecommerce reviews on this site. It lets them reminisce over their wonderful holiday or complain about a particular hotel if it wasn't what they expected. And if they're unsure about a certain hotel prior to booking, they can check out what others think first.

This is a free niche site for those looking to holiday or eat out, but there are also sites such as Angie's List, where you have to pay for a membership. Like Facebook and LinkedIn, the reviews on here cannot be anonymous, and because members have to pay to write and read reviews, they're more likely to be well thought out and beneficial to users than reviews found on free sites.

Insider Pages and Citysearch are both user-generated local review sites which let consumers leave reviews without paying a fee. They also both operate via a 5-star rating system. Google reviews are another review feature which can be very handy, especially in an unfamiliar place! Want to know what restaurants or services are around a particular area? Go onto Google maps, search for a location, select 'search nearby' and type in what you're after (for example, 'restaurants'), click 'Search' and watch them pop up on your map. Then simply click on each one to see if anyone has left a review!

There are many more alternative review sites out there, but wherever your ecommerce reviews end up, remember that every one of them – negative or positive – is valuable when it comes to the promotion of your company. If you do receive a negative review it's a good idea to respond, but take a deep breath and don't make a personal issue out of negative feedback. The best is approach is to remain polite and open to criticism. That way, even users who have had a negative experience will find it difficult not to appreciate your concern afterwards, and more likely to give you a second chance.

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