Why Should You Look At SEO Features For Ecommerce

Posted on 11 Nov 2013
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Do you own an ecommerce website that doesn't rank well on Google? Do you want it to succeed? You might need to employ search engine optimisation (SEO). Successful online stores would not exist if it weren't for SEO. With better visibility on search engines, many internet shops have increasing volumes of traffic. This is mainly due to having a smart and innovative ecommerce platform combined with good SEO techniques.

Are you searching for effective ecommerce solutions? Search engine optimisation (SEO) compatibility is an important part of online marketing. We offer you an extensive list of online store platform features to look out for.

Essential Features For Ecommerce Website Solutions

  1. Search engine friendly web-addresses. The main idea is to have keyword-rich web addresses, such as onlinestore.com/categories/mobile_phones/nokia/lumia1000
  2. Good control of page titles. Your ecommerce platform should enable you to modify page titles as well as category page titles.
  3. Get your 301 redirects done. This function will redirect the visitor to your website if the product page has been moved to a new website.
  4. Canonical URLs. These are used to access a page through several different web addresses. You should have a canonical URL set so that Google displays it in the search engine result pages.
  5. User-friendly navigation structure. Make sure you implement an easy-to-use and intuitive navigation for the user.
  6. XML sitemaps. Each website should have one implemented. The sitemaps inform the search engines about the website. With this, your ecommerce website will be crawled easily by the search engines.
  7. Have a Google Analytics account. This will help you track the traffic to your online shop and see which pages are most visited.
  8. Have a blog for your internet store. The content marketing system is a great tool for creating internal links. A blog is an essential feature that will help significantly in search engine optimisation. You're better off with a full blog and social sharing package.
  9. Relevant landing page. We recommend an ecommerce platform that allows building custom landing pages. This way you can target more keywords and create special pages for those keywords.
  10. Good site speed will help with increasing conversion rates. It's also good for the users and SEO.
  11. Social media buttons should be included on your website. This way your customers will be doing your social media for you!
  12. Quality content should be an important part of your website. Choose an ecommerce platform that lets you add and edit content, such as videos and images. This will be very useful for the general SEO.

Where Can You Find Effective Ecommerce Solutions?

Advansys offers you the latest web solutions for online business platforms. Our experience of over 10 years, paired with our industry know-how, means we can tailor an ecommerce web solutions exclusively for you. Access the huge online market and improve the experience of your potential customers with innovative ecommerce solutions. Choose the best platform for your online business and watch the growing conversion rate with proven website solutions that will deliver what's promised.

For more information on ecommerce solutions from Advansys, call 0845 838 2700 or email sales@advansys.com

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

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