Why Should You Look At SEO Features When Choosing An eCommerce Solution

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Search engine optimisation is an important feature that should be considered when looking at ecommerce solutions. SEO plays an important part in online marketing and helps channel customers towards your website.

What Are The SEO Features To Look Out For?

You need to look at whether your web address is available to access from search engines. New customers will not know about your site so will not know the web address. Instead, they will go onto a search engine and type in a keyword. From this keyword, your address might come up so it is important that your website can be easily accessed from all major search engines. It is no good if your web address doesn't work.

The next SEO feature that you need to consider before choosing ecommerce solutions is navigation. If the customer can't easily navigate your site then they will become frustrated and click off. You don't want this because, not only will you lose potential customers this way, but you will accumulate a high bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate then search engines, such as Google, will assume that your website does not have content relevant for specific keywords and move your website down on the search rankings. Studies have found that fewer people click on websites that are listed far down in the search results so you want to make sure that your website is near the top.

Another SEO feature that you need to look at when choosing ecommerce solutions is to have icons that link from your website to social media sites. If customers can access social media straight from your site then they can immediately go online to rave about your website or a product that they have just brought or share the link with a friend. This will allow your website to be promoted by your customers and means they will essentially be promoting your website for free. This is important as word-of-mouth is now becoming an essential part of marketing.

When choosing ecommerce solutions you also need to look at the speed your website loads. Your website needs to load fast because studies have found that customers expect a webpage to load in eight seconds or less otherwise they become frustrated and may click off your website which, as mentioned above, could give your website a high bounce rate.

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