Why You Need Ecommerce Consumer Reviews

Posted on 11 Feb 2014
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Customers on ecommerce websites read product reviews before they commit to a purchase. It seems that consumer reviews have become integral to any online marketing strategy. The team at Advansys look into the reasons why you should consider having consumer reviews present on your ecommerce website.

Customer Reviews On Ecommerce Websites Can Increase Sales

If we look at research carried out in 2012, the number of people who trust online reviews is already at a staggering 72%, and this number is constantly increasing. Those who answered this survey said that they looked for online reviews and trusted them as much as personal recommendations from their family or friends. In a lot of cases, the reviews can actually help to seal the deal for the potential buyers. Other benefits include:

  • Customer reviews help you to boost your SEO. This is mainly because search engines consider the reviews as a type of content which is considered useful and fresh. In addition, it does not require a lot of effort from the ecommerce website owners, and it's a great way to provide more insight into your products and services.
  • Customers look for reviews. As we have mentioned before, your potential customers search for reviews to help them make up their minds about a purchase. Therefore, if you include words such as 'ratings' and 'reviews in your ecommerce website, the chances of appearing higher in the search result pages increase significantly. Let's not forget the fact that the reviews usually contain keywords which are relevant to your ecommerce site, which again helps with your search engine optimisation.

These are the main benefits of having consumer reviews, but how can you also make negative reviews work for you? Negative reviews increase your e-store's credibility in the eyes of a potential customer. If an ecommerce website has nothing but five-star reviews, it would appear strange and unnatural to your potential buyer. Therefore, reviews that are neutral or negative will not do your ecommerce website any harm; they can actually provide your store with balance.

Encourage Customer Reviews With Ecommerce Web Design

In order to benefit from customer reviews, you need a user-friendly ecommerce web solution that encourages feedback. How can you get more reviews on your website? Here at Advansys, we believe that you should make the feedback process as simple as possible. After all, your shoppers may be busy people. Make it easy for them and provide them with a scale on which to rate your store, and a space for additional comments.

Another effective method is to send a follow-up email asking for feedback. This is a great way to collect feedback shortly after the customer has received the item. You can even provide them with a direct link where they can add their review to your ecommerce website themselves.

An ecommerce website that looks professional and include mixed reviews are seen as more trustworthy in the eyes of search engines. Implement ecommerce web design that looks professional and allows for customer reviews to be included in the design with Advansys - the experts in effective ecommerce web solutions.

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