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Google have set to make the changes to their privacy rules. As a UK based company we work closely with the Google Search Engine. It is the most popular search engine in the UK. Will this be affecting your ecommerce solution? Let's see...

Will New Google Privacy Rules affect your Customers?

Google will be collecting data from people who are logged into their Google account. They will be collecting data from the user and this can be shared between Google, YouTube, Blogger and Gmail. They do mention that they will not be collecting information on someone's sexual orientation, religious beliefs or health status. Is this enough? There is away to opt-out of the changes but surely a high number of people will be doing this? Do people know about this as well as they should?

Emma Carr from Big Brother Watch told Sky News today “"People don't realise just how big this is. The policy document is not clear and people don't understand the change." She also mentions that Google are putting the advertisers needs first.

Don't want to share your details?

Sky news released a report this afternoon on this subject. Below is the guide on how to opt-out of this data gathering:

  • Sign in to your Google Account
  • Go to Web History
  • Click “remove all web history"
  • Confirm the opt-out

They have also created a survey “Google changes: Do internet users have a right to privacy?" 96% of people reckon that they do. Google isn't the first company to get into a spot of bother with Privacy. Facebook have also had some issues in the last year.

How is this affecting your ecommerce solution?

With our ecommerce solutions, we encourage our clients to use Social Media on their website to help gain a wider audience. So there could be a chance that business details are being captured when logged into the likes of YouTube or Google Analytics. But could this be an advantage to you ecommerce solution and PPC?

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