Google Shopping Could Disrupt Ecommerce Websites

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Google is continuing to develop their shopping feature which enables ecommerce websites to list specific products in Google Product Search results. As Google is the number one search engine in the world, it's important that ecommerce sites are optimised so they can rank highly in search results that relate to their products and services.

For companies that seek the expertise of an ecommerce solution provider, this is one aspect of online business they need to consider carefully in order to secure long term success. Internet marketing is a complementary feature of some ecommerce solutions; however we feel that it they should operate hand in hand. When they function well together it can generate fantastic customer traffic, high conversions and consequently high revenue.

Internet Marketing Techniques to Support Ecommerce Websites Looking for Online Success

Google Shopping will now feature Product Listing Ads (PLAs) which allows ecommerce websites willing to pay a fee, to rank in the paid search results on Google. This change will be implemented in the US this autumn and the rest of the world next year. From that moment on search engine results will display Adwords ads, Organic results and Shopping results.

The shopping results are able to display images which will appear more attractive to search engine users when they search for products from various ecommerce websites. If you're unwilling to add more expenses to your costs, it's worth considering the adoption of internet marketing techniques like SEO which will still enable your site to thrive in this increasingly competitive search engine.

However, a good aspect of this change is that smaller companies have a better fighting chance of buying their way into the rankings. Previously Google product search was dominated by online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Wal-Mart.

So when you begin searching for the support of professionally designed ecommerce solutions, it's worth finding a company that is able to also provide quality internet marketing as well. Advansys is a great example of an organisation that does just that. We create award winning ecommerce websites and provide a range of internet marketing services specifically for you.

Read Advansys reviews for testimonials from our customers and contact a member of our team for details on the tailor made services we can implement for you.

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