How Ecommerce Websites Can Recover Post Penguin

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Penguin and Panda are Google algorithms that aim to reduce the amount of spam and untrustworthy websites in search engines. A lot of ecommerce websites have been penalised by these updates. However, it is possible to recover and get back your previous ratings if you know what has caused the problem.

A Way To Recover Ecommerce Websites From Penguin And Panda Penalties

A lot of ecommerce websites were affected by the Google algorithms because of untrustworthy backlinking or over-optimised content. If your company has experienced a significant drop in rankings, the Panda or Penguin updates might be the reason.

It is essential to find out which algorithm has caused a problem. Usually Panda penalises websites for low-quality content, low website visits, or overused keywords. Penguin usually lowers rankings for questionable linking, cross–domain link schemes, and other similar reasons to the Panda algorithm. It is important to make sure you identify the right cause of your downranking before taking action.

There are many suggestions on how ecommerce websites can recover from the Panda penalty. First of all, you have to make sure that all of the information you provide is new and valuable to the user. You should also fix duplicate content and blank pages. Furthermore, create interesting and engaging product and meta descriptions, and avoid boilerplates.

You should make sure that you are not over-optimising your content with the same keywords. It is better to use similar phrases and synonyms. User reviews of your products will also make your website more reliable to visitors.

To recover from the Penguin penalty you should focus on the right linking strategy. You can start with a thorough backlink analysis. It is better to have different types of links to your site, and linking to other websites will make your site look more reliable. You must also ensure that the anchor text is as natural as possible and isn't over-optimised.

Make Sure You Will Stay Protected In The Future

The advice above could help you to recover from Google's penalties and get back your previous ranks. You should also make sure that the Panda and Penguin algorithms won't affect your website in the future. You can start by ensuring that your links are from authoritative sources, as high-quality pages will strengthen the reliability of your company. Increasing your activity in social networks might also help to keep your ratings stable.

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