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Currently the importance of ecommerce for a business is undoubted as 40% of shoppers in the European Union will make their purchases for products and services online. However, most businesses have already cottoned on to this fact and are either in the process or already have a functioning, successful ecommerce solution. As a result, in order to have an edge on the competition and to widen your marketplace, having international ecommerce solutions is a crucial decision.

What is the importance of cross-border trade to the future of ecommerce websites?

However, recent studies have shown that in the next five years, cross-border trade is set to account for 20% of all ecommerce. As a result, considering cross-border trade is essential for your ecommerce website. Here at Advansys, we understand how daunting it can be to enter a new marketplace and it can be a risky process if not performed correctly. However, it is definitely worth doing because the 13 largest online markets in the EU are already estimated to be worth €20bn.

What can Advansys ecommerce solutions do for you in cross-border trade?

Advansys can create a multilingual, multi-currency, multinational website for your company. This would mean that your website can be understood globally, either using Google Translator or can be translated personally. The key to a successful international ecommerce website is down to currency, and here at Advansys we can sell your good or services using up-to-date technology which is configured daily with exact currency rates. These can either be determined through the customers' IP address or through their delivery address.

This only scratches the surface of the cross-border possibilities which we offer for your website. So contact us for more information today.

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