Dynamic Profiling In Ecommerce

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Waitrose has recently begun to implement a dynamic profiling, or behavioural retargeting, strategy for groceries. Consumers will be presented with personalised offers based on their previous purchases and how often they have made a particular purchase. The idea being that the customer will be presented with something they might have missed, and return to the website where they will be persuaded to add more to their shopping basket, along with some impulse buys related to their original missed item.

Ecommerce retailers tracking your progress

This type of strategy is already implemented by a lot of ecommerce websites and retailers, using javascript techniques to analyse web use and cause pages previously visited to pop up every now and again on other websites in advert form. This tends to irritate, and even worry some people; knowing that someone is able to track their internet usage and advertise based on where they have been and what they've been looking at. It can also be a worry when using a shared computer to browse and buy gifts if there's a possibility an ecommerce page might pop up later as an advert. Where Waitrose's tactic will differ is that they are endeavouring to turn the intrusions into more of a service, where you are reminded of items you may have forgotten to purchase or add to your basket, based on previous visits to the website. Using this new advertising strategy could work well in ecommerce, better than the current strategy, and retailers will find that if they do it well their visitors might gain more trust in their website and feel better about returning. Retailers with ecommerce websites should implement creative javascript profiling in order to effectively advertise on a personal level without the customer feeling their privacy has been breached.

Maintaining confidence in ecommerce solutions

This new and healthier approach from Waitrose could pave the way for ecommerce solutions to begin to implement friendlier and less intrusive dynamic profiling strategies so people will feel more comfortable with ecommerce websites and shopping online. The future of online advertising is a personalised one and it is essential to toe the line between a helpful, intelligent, personalised service and an irritating, or even frightening, breach of privacy. Here at Advansys we are at the forefront of ecommerce innovation in design and development and would be delighted to help you out with an ecommerce solution.

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