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Distinguishing the difference between an ecommerce site and a brochure site is simple, a payment gateway. If a customer is able to purchase a product from your site you are going to want to make sure that the payment gateway you are using is suited for your ecommerce solution.

what payment gateways do we offer?

Advansys offer 15 different Tier 1 payment gateways. We partner with all the major payment gateways ranging from SagePay to Google Checkout. The best payment gateway to use for your ecommerce website depends on:

  • Do you have a Merchant ID or MID?
  • Where your business is based?
  • What will work with your third party integrations (if any)?
  • What countries are you selling to?
  • What currencies are you selling in?

Our sales team can assist you with answering these questions accurately to get the best payment gateway service for your business.

  • And lastly, is it PCI compliant?

how important is PCI with an ecommerce solution?

Advansys are completely PCI Compliant Level 1. Having your ecommerce website hosted with us can ensure you and your customers that your site is protected and that all personal details are kept safe. We can even attach the PCI compliancy logo to your site for all your customers to see. Being PCI compliant with Advansys also means that the process of gaining a Merchant ID can be quicker and the rates the payment gateways offer are always competitive.

how about a second payment gateway?

We now offer a second payment gateway to use for your website as standard. Paypal Express Checkout is easy to use and a worldwide recognised company. Having this second payment gateway along with your Tier 1 payment gateway gives the customer the choice of whether they can pay by credit card, debit card, Paypal balance or e-cheques.

There are many reasons why we now offer this as standard. A great advantage is you do not need a MID to pay through Paypal, this saves time and money. Having two payment gateways can offer you reassurance that if one gateway was to stop working, for whatever reason, there is always the second one to take the payments from your customers.

If you what to find out how Advansys can help make your website safe, trusted and accessible for safe payments please contact us today on 0845 838 2700 or email us at

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