Ecommerce Solutions Brought To A Halt By Hurricane

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At the end of October 2012 the eastern states of the USA faced extremely devastating weather from Hurricane Sandy. She was the largest Atlantic hurricane in the record books and aside from keeping people trapped indoors and causing horrific flooding throughout the streets of, most notably New York and New Jersey, she also cut power to around 15 states.

With road transport shut down and no electricity to thousands of buildings, life basically stopped for a lot of businesses. Ecommerce websites in particular could not function if they were unable to access their ecommerce solutions to monitor sales and if their physical warehouse were based in an area hit by the hurricane, deliveries worldwide would have been put on hold.

Many news reports have detailed how there will be some serious repercussions to come as the places affected begin to recover. Many ecommerce websites owners are based in East Coast America and during the storm, had to struggle with trying to alert all the customers of impending delays.

It is very unusual for whole ecommerce companies to be shut down for extensive periods of time due to severe weather problems. Normally they have available backup generators and servers to keep things running on a temporary basis; but clearly the severity of Hurricane Sandy was far too significant to offset.

Ecommerce Road to Recovery

However, as the nations and people begin to recover and rebuild what they once had, plenty of ecommerce website owners will be hoping their ecommerce solutions will recover swiftly. In fact many international e-tailers who were affected by the hurricane have already managed to get their websites up and running again. However for those who have warehouses that may have been battered by the rain and wind or who have transport restrictions, the road to recovery will certainly be a lot longer. Indeed it will be over one year before we can see operations in the regions that were hit by Hurricane Sandy return to the way they used to perform. However with the right support, the final end result has all the chance in the world of being better than before.

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