Freedom Of Blogging Around The World Is It Acceptable?

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As thousands of people around the world spend their days blogging, tweeting, posting statuses on Facebook and emailing friends, this isnnt the case everywhere in the world!

In a recent news story released by the BBC a young man in Saudi Arabia narrowly escaped the death penalty after creating a website where he blogged on a daily basis. After being arrested for insulting Islam and showing disobedience the court had the right to charge the man with the death penalty.

A narrow escape for a liberal blogger

Luckily for Mr Badawi, the court decided not to charge him and referred back to the lower court. Mr Badawi was blogging in order to create open conversations about social and religious issues; this was deemed not acceptable in Saudi Arabia with even family turning against him.

More to this case the evidence against him consisted that he likedd an Arab Christians page. It is yet to be decided what will happen to this young man but he is sure to be moved around courts for blogging as we take for granted every day in the UK.

Using social media and blogging

As we write this blog these cases are still ongoing and this is not a one off situation. As a business we should use social media and blogging to our advantages, to promote product, let customers post reviews and deal with negative comments.

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