Morrison Launch Ecommerce Website For 2014

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Among the four supermarket giants, Morrisons is the last to enter in the online groceries market and create an ecommerce website.

Delayed Response To The Ecommerce World

After reporting its first fall in profits for six years, Morrisons has finally made a move to enter the online groceries market in a bid to compete with its rivals Tesco, Asda and Sainsburyys. Although sales were up by 3%, the superstore reported a 7% drop in pre tax profits to 879 million. According to data collected by Kantar Worldpanel, Morrisons is the only supermarket to lose a share in the growing market, seeing a fall to 11.8% compared to 12.4% a year earlier. As the last major supermarket to obtain a web presence, questions have as arisen as to whether Morrisons will be able to compete with its other online competitors.

In recent months Morrisons have brought Jessops, Blockbusters and HMV, rescuing them from imminent closure. However, some people have questioned the reasons behind these purchases, when Morrisons themselves are struggling due to a fundamental lack of ecommerce website. The company admitted failings in its sales performance due to a lack of online presence, one of the fastest growing sectors in the market. Although Morrisons have recognised their weaknesses is it all too little, too late?

Although Morrisons have announced plans for an ecommerce website, shoppers will not be able to have their groceries delivered for at least another year. Said to be in discussions with Ocado, the supermarket hopes to provide its shoppers with a competitive home delivery solution. In a statement made the delivery company, Ocado made it clear that Morrisons would not be buying a stake in its business, and that no official deal had be made.

Benefit From An Ecommerce Website

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