Tesco Launch Ecommerce Solutions For Thailand

Posted on 12 Apr 2013
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The battle between the high street and online retailer continues on Tesco launches new ecommerce solutions for Tesco Lotus.

Ecommerce Sales Boosted

In response to an increase in online sales, food store giant, Tesco have reviewed their ecommerce solutions across the globe. Back in January 2013, Tesco opened its fifth dotcomm store in West Sussex, to enable the company to manage delivery slots and product variety more effectively. An increasingly important part of their service, Tescoos dotcomm stores offer more than 26,000 product lines, including freshly baked bread and fresh produce. Tesco dotcomm stores are a response to the increased number of customers purchasing both online and through smart phone and tablet platforms.

Tesco Lotus Ecommerce Solutions

In a bid to conquer the global market, Tesco have launched a new online grocery shopping service for its Tesco Lotus customers in Thailand. Part of Tescoos planned strategy for international and ecommerce expansion, the launch of the new lotus ecommerce solution will enable customers of the store to order from a range of over 20,000 products for home delivery. The new home delivery service will include groceries, fresh food and produce, and no food items. Commenting on the new launch, chief executive of Tesco Lotus, John Christie said with our wide product range and great service proposition we are confident that Tesco Lotus online shopping will receive an overwhelming response from customerss.

Currently, Tesco Lotus is the food store giantts second largest business outside of the UK. At present the grocerrs chain has over 1,400 stores across Thailand, turning over approximately 3.2 billion in 2011/12. In the UK, existing ecommerce solutions account for like-for-like sales growth of 15% which drive its dotcom stores. If similar growth was to occur within Thailand, Tesco Lotus could expand across the existing tiger economies.

Identify A Gap

As of 2012, Thailandds GDP has grown by 6.4%. As a result of this, the Thai economy has rapidly grown into a newly industrialised sector. This greatly benefits the online retailers as there is an improved wealth within the country, and expanding retail sector. Tesco Lotus have identified a gap within the Thai retail sector and provided an ecommerce solution to fill it. With the backing of the Tesco, the Tesco Lotus branch has been able to get ahead of the market and provide a vast selection of fresh food and non food products across Thailand.

Expanding Ecommerce Solutions

In 2000, Tesco launched its dotcom online shopping service across the UK. At present, Tesco.com is the countryys leading retail website, supplying over one billion items to over a million households every year. If you are looking to expand your current ecommerce solution, then advansys can help. Specialists in building high conversion scalable ecommerce websites, advansys will be able to provide flexible solution to meet your requirements. If you are looking to expand your business onto the global market, advansys can create a multilingual and multicurrency ecommerce site. Similarly, if you are looking for a multi channel ecommerce solution, advansys can integrate your new or existing site with external marketplaces such as eBay, play.com, Amazon, priceminster and fnac.

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