The Collapse Of The High Street? Is Online Retail The Solution?

Posted on 05 Sep 2018
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It is more important than ever to get your business online. Business websites aren't restricted to eCommerce online retail websites in order to sell products. Many businesses decide to utilise professional website design services in order to create high quality eCommerce and brochure websites to promote their products and/or services to a wide audience of potential customers/clients.

The Collapse Of The High Street

Numerous high street stores are losing branches, stores, and falling into administration. This is resulting in thousands facing the prospect of losing their jobs. Over the past few weeks there have been numerous news stories regarding many popular high street stores and their collapse. For example, the well known toy shop, Toys R Us has closed all 75 of its UK branches which resulted in a loss of 2,054 jobs.

Toys R Us was not the only casualty in the collapse of the high street. In addition to Poundworld and Maplin falling into administration, M&S has closed 21 stores and announced that more than 100 stores will close by 2022; that's less than 4 years away. [source: inews.]

So what can your business do to boost your sales in this difficult time? The solution lies within the internet, a bespoke web design service from Advansys to unleash your business' online potential.

The Necessity Of An Online Presence

In our 21st century society, it is very important that businesses have an online presence. This includes but is not limited to a professional website.

In many ways, people live their day-to-day lives online. Every day people interact with businesses using social media; thanks to applications such as Messenger and Twitter, it's now easier than ever to get in touch with businesses, whether they're across the street, or across the world.

Some might argue that the internet has made the world smaller. Using the power of online retail, people can now browse through the wares of retailers in various different countries. In years past, if you wanted a product that was manufactured abroad, you may have needed to visit a local retailer to purchase the product. However, now with our digital society, people can use the internet to expand their purchasing options. For example, you could purchase a book from a US business using an eCommerce store, and then a few clicks later, you could book a local tradesperson to complete an extension on your home.

The Internet, Empowering Both Consumers And Businesses

Whilst at first glance it may seem like the ability of customers to purchase products online is disadvantageous to businesses operating on the local high street, there is a major opportunity to be found. Whilst local customers can use the internet to purchase products from businesses that are located elsewhere, the same opportunity is available to businesses.

With a high quality bespoke web design solution from the skilled developers and designers at Advansys, your business could attract customers and clients throughout the country, perhaps even attracting international customers.

Another advantage of taking your business online is that the internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This provides you with a fantastic opportunity to expand your audience and customer base. For example if your business sells perfume and aftershave, Steve in Reading could be browsing through your collection of aftershave in the morning whilst commuting to work via train, then later that day Jim in Derby could be reading information about the same aftershave product on your blog, which could inspire him to make a purchase.

Take Advantage Of Powerful Digital Marketing Techniques

In addition to having the ability to sell your products online, a website will also enable your business to take advantage of powerful digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising.

Digital marketing techniques are very beneficial for eCommerce businesses that utilise an online retail solution to sell their products online. However, they can also be very advantageous to businesses with brochure websites. For example, you could use SEO marketing techniques to attract visitors to your business, directing them to an enquiry form if they would like to request a quote. However, if you sell products but you do not want an eCommerce website, you could still use SEO services to attract customers and then direct them to a retailer who stocks your products.

For example, one of our previous clients The Great British Grooming Co has a brochure website dedicated to their range of male grooming products. In addition to a plethora of information, the website also has links to their social media accounts and a button taking you to retailers who stock their products: Amazon and The Modern Man. As such, even if you don't want to sell your products online; by claiming your online space, you'll gain the ability to attract lots of publicity.

Whilst Advansys is a web development and web design business, our sister company Promote can provide professional digital marketing services to boost your website's rankings in search engine results pages for certain keywords and phrases. Additionally, Promote can also provide Pay Per Click advertising campaign management services to optimise and monitor your advertising campaign, tracking the progress and making alterations to reduce costs and boost click through rates.

Unleash Your Business' Online Potential With An Advansys Website

Thanks to having over 20 years of experience, Advansys designed websites don't just look beautiful, they are fast loading and functional; providing their users with a great UX (user experience).

We have designed and developed websites for businesses in a wide range of industries including the waste management sector, the office interiors sector, and health and beauty. Additionally, our business has also achieved the highest level of compliance certification with the Payment Credit Card Industry Data Security Standard; PCI DSS Level 1. So if you want to take advantage of the opportunities taking your business online can bring, speak to the Advansys team.

To Make An Enquiry Or To Learn More, Give Our Team A Call

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