UK is the Most Popular Country for Ecommerce

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The ecommerce industry is taking the world by storm, as millions of people remain connected online through PCs and mobile devices. Constantly being exposed to highly competitive retail offers has caused many shoppers to integrate online shopping into their lifestyles, and this is clearly evident in the UK.

UK shoppers spending £1083 on ecommerce websites

A recent Ofcom report revealed that UK consumers spend more on ecommerce websites than any other country. On average British shoppers spend £1083 per head. Coming in second is Australian shoppers with £842, followed by the Swedish with £747.Of all the UK adult consumers involved in creating this ecommerce boom, 23.1% have been using their smartphones to access retail websites.Generally we Brits use mobile devices to connect to the web more often than people in other countries which is pushing many ecommerce website owners to optimise their sites further for mobile device use.

Commenting on these findings, one industry expert said “The fact that Brits are spending more online compared to the rest of the globe shows our huge appetite for internet shopping and brands can clearly see the value of the online and mobile channels as a result. The huge amount of mobile web traffic reveals that consumers are taking advantage of their connected devices to browse and buy. Brands must keep this purchase journey in mind and ensure the consumer receives a seamless shopping experience."

Ecommerce website solutions for better online business

The UK is leading the way in online shopping and therefore ecommerce website owners need to continue innovating operations in order to exceed expectations and enhance the overall shopping experience. With professional ecommerce solutions you can be in a great position to benefit from UK consumer's growing desire to shop online.advansys provide a range of ecommerce solutions for B2B and B2C businesses that include multichannel, mcommerce, ecommerce web design, web fulfilment and more.To make an enquiry please call 0845 838 2700 or email:
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