What Is An eCommerce Website?

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It is a term that is used all the time in the world of web, but it can be a fairly confusing term for those whom may not be involved in it every day. For those not in the know, what exactly does ecommerce actually mean, and what is an eCommerce website?

What Is eCommerce?

Electronic-commerce, more commonly shortened to eCommerce, e-commerce or e-comm, in a nutshell refers to the transaction of sales (buying and selling) of products and services via electronic communication (internet and other computer networks). On a larger scale ecommerce websites deal not just with sales of products but also marketing, delivering, servicing and many other sections of the entire online process.

What Can eCommerce Do For Me?

If you're looking to buy or sell anything on the web you will need ecommerce websites. This is your ticket to online success as it provides a permanent online presence for your customers and a way for you to simply showcase the products and services you wish to sell online.

The key to a successful ecommerce website is its design, usability and reliability. Successfully meeting all three of these key points will ensure you make a lot of transactions.

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