What Is EPOS?

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EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale, basically meaning any electronic device that is used for transactions at the point of sale. Most of us will be familiar with the touch screen self service checkouts at supermarkets.These are the classic example of an EPOS System.

When Are EPOS Integrations And Systems Useful?

For many businesses it would seem that such a system is not required but a decent and well designed EPOS integration or system can make business easier and smoother in a variety of ways.

The clever part of the EPOS is not the physical system, even if the touch screen is very modern and slick, but the program that drives it. EPOS Software its NOT merely an electronic version of a push button till.

An ordinary till is a standalone device that merely records the day's transactions and has no part in the wider administration of a store. EPOS software on the other hand, can be linked to a back end system that updates the Stock Control System, can handle customer orders, include notes for customer services, automatically feed data to the company's accounting system and generally unify your entire business process and give you the second greatest reward that any business can provide; Time.

EPOS Systems Can Hugely Benefit Your Business!

How you spend that time is entirely up to you but it would be foolish not to capitalise on the abilities your EPOS Software has as much as possible. EPOS software can also be integrated into a more central and "behind the scenes" system that can drive not only your bricks and mortar establishment but also online selling via your own Ecommerce Solution, eBay and Amazon.

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