Will eCommerce Find A Flash Replacement?

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If you own an eCommerce website, or any website for that matter, you know the value of being able to stand out from the crowd, whether by superior navigation techniques, a simple checkout process, etc. Depending on your demographic it can also be nice to have some interactive content.

Invisible flash

Up until recently any complex interactivity tended to be implemented in flash, which is perfectly fine - if you want that entire chunk of your ecommerce website to be unseen and disregarded by search engines that is! Seeing as that's probably not the case it'd be nice to find a better way.

Adobe Edge: A Better Way?

Adobe, whether or not under the influence of a certain leading brand of gadgets and gizmos , have recently released a beta version of what could potentially be a solution. Adobe Edge essentially performs functions and effects that could previously be achieved in flash (and, I expect, some extras) but uses web standards such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS. Adobe plan to regularly update Edge to keep it ahead of the curve in terms of evolving web standards to keep functionality and ease of use at a maximum.

If this moves in the direction it appears it should it might phase flash out of the web altogether, which is potentially good news for designers of ecommerce websites and interactive designers, combining the freedom of flash with a universal compatibility.

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