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Employing a multichannel eCommerce strategy is nothing short of good business sense. eBay is one of the most heavily browsed websites in the world and with eBay split into the various countries it is possible to use the one recognised site to market your products worldwide and increase your audience greatly.

What Issues Do Businesses Face When It Comes To eBay?

The problem many sellers face with eBay is the time it takes to list a product. The online interface of eBay is geared to the casual user, not the professional eTailer and while the step by step process is very easy to follow it can take a long time to complete just one listing, let alone thirty or a hundred. Matters get even worse if your business sells it products across different categories and markets necessitating the use of different product templates to make the difference explicit. Maintaining your own business is a time consuming task it is true but surely there must be a better way, some tool or piece of software that makes it easy to market your products far and wide?

Multichannel eCommerce Made Easy

As it happens there is a better way, there is software available to make your business life easier, with the Advansys eBay Listing Tool you can now update your listings from one single, fluid interface.

By hooking directly into the eBay API (the underlying system of the site) our Listing Tool allows you to set up multiple products and mange the same listing across the multiple eBay national sites. All aspects of an eBay listing can be managed from setting up the product template to setting a starting price and stock quantities. Within the software you can create and manage templates for adding common or repeated products to further increase the efficiency of the process

The Advansys eBay Listing tool even allows you to manage your store, updating payments and returns data and even managing your orders from one location, making your multichannel eCommerce a simple and dynamic process.

As well as making listing on eBay a much simpler process this software can be used syndicate your listings across other portals and internet shopping channels like Amazon. Using a user set template for each portal, marketing the same product across the different channels becomes a simple process.

Advansys specialise in eCommerce Solutions and are experts in Bespoke Development. If you like the idea of a single interface to enable Multichannel Ecommerce then just think of the possibilities you have with your own, professionally designed and developed Ecommerce Website from Advansys. For more information, check out our Ecommerce Portfolio.

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