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Posted on 15 Feb 2012
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Amazon is always on the rise. They have expanded their market, their accessibility and their customer service to reach basically anyone in the world. Your ecommerce solution can work hand in hand with this ever growing company to increase the success of your business.

Why use Amazon in Ecommerce solutions?

Integrating with Amazon in your ecommerce solution means that you can have your products on a website that were taking orders for over 3 million items on 'Cyber Monday' last year alone.

Amazon is one of the biggest fulfilment companies in the UK. They already have 4 distribution centres in the UK with 2 of them in Scotland and the biggest in Cardiff. Last year they had set up more than 10 new fulfillment centers in the United States. They already have centers in China, Germany, and Japan. In a report posted in the Guardian a few weeks ago, Amazon is setting up a fulfilment company in India. The report suggests that they are trying to break into the world's second most populous nation.

Fulfilment by Amazon is an increasing attraction for our ecommerce websites. Knowing that the fulfilment centres are up and down the country means sending your products to them is efficient and achievable. They can carry out all parts of the dispatching process for you including to pick, pack and dispatch your products to the customer. This saves you time and money knowing that this is all taken care of for you.

What does this mean for your ecommerce website?

We have worked out the best way for your ecommerce solutions to integrate with Amazon. You can have centralised products and ordering within your EMS; no need to log in to Amazon. In the EMS you can directly list your products in the Amazon Marketplace and see all order statuses. Allowing yourself to do this means your products can be widely seen and potentially bought from anywhere in the world.

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