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Multi Channel Ecommerce Solution for – Amazon Alternative is an online retailer that found success in the UK, specialising in selling entertainment products like DVDs, CDs, video games and other electronic items. From the year 2000 onwards the ecommerce website evolved to include in its product offerings computers, posters, t-shirts and Blu-ray discs. This growth in products began to mirror some of its bigger competitors like Amazon and eBay; and then it wasn't long before developed a new feature called PlayTrade. This enabled third party sellers to operate on the ecommerce site, thus creating a multichannel business opportunity for small sellers, similar to its larger competitors.

Many individual people and SMEs utilise marketplaces as a way to reach a wide market of potential buyers. SMEs in particular can utilise this service as a way to build upon their multichannel ecommerce practices.

In order to streamline all the processes involved in operating a standalone website and an online marketplace account, an integration ecommerce solution is required.

Multi Channel Selling Made Easy

Advansys are ecommerce solution experts that have created, amongst their many services, an integration module specifically for PlayTrade on Selling through Play is a fairly simple process as they take care of the advertising of your products and processing the order, so all you need to do is send out the goods to the right address and transfer the sales funds from your PlayFunds account to your bank account.

Including this online marketplace in your multichannel ecommerce practices will be almost effortless. The Advansys integration solution will take care of the process of uploading products, gathering order information plus other administration procedures and more. Reducing the time spent on tasks, enabling you to more effectively manage all aspects of your ecommerce business.

For premier integration tools and cross channel ecommerce support that benefits your business and online success, contact Advansys.

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