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Selling on multiple channels can now be a breeze with Advansys

In today's competitive world if you don't sell on multiple retail avenues, then you're truly asking for trouble. Also with Internet usage increasing and people surfing various sites to gain information, it will prove unwise to not trade on multiple channels, as this can result in missing out potential customers. Research has also proven that customers who shop on multiple channels are likely to make more purchases than those who shop on single channels. A customer who shops on multiple channels is worth three times as much as the one who purchases on a single channel. Also study shows that these customers who purchase through multiple channels tend to be more loyal and often turn out to be repeat customers.

Advansys can help you efficiently trade on multiple platforms using multichannel ecommerce

Since you trade on multiple platforms, you're business gets exposed to huge volume of customers. Also financial risks are minimized because if sales don't occur on one platform, you're sure it will on another. If all this tells you how important it is to sell on multiple avenues, but you don't know how to go about, then Advansys can help you achieve your goals easily. These ecommerce solution experts use various multichannel ecommerce techniques that will allow you to trade on several giant platforms such as eBay, Amazon as well as traditional platforms such as EPOS, MOTO, etc. Since these platforms already support a wide customer base, you can be sure of sales. Plus selling on these reputed platforms will earn you trust and confidence from customers, which will in turn improve customer loyalty.

Manage sales efficiently using Advansys' multichannel ecommerce solution

Now if you're thinking managing sales on multiple platforms can be incredibly difficult, then worry no more. Advansys cross channel ecommerce, which is an advanced form of multichannel ecommerce can take the pains out of managing selling on multiple retail avenues. We can integrate your website with several channels and through the API interface module you can control all transactions on multiple platforms from a single place. This form of multichannel ecommerce will require you to just create an inventory once and it will get synchronized across all platforms. All our ecommerce solutions will take your business to new heights.

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