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Simplify Your Multi Channel Ecommerce with Advansys

Many B2C organisations have fully embraced multi-channel ecommerce as a way to reach wider target markets and increase their opportunity to make more sales and even more revenue. Retailers in particular have benefited from listing their products and services on online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc. Even more traditional retail channels like mail order telephone order (MOTO) and electronic point of sale (EPOS) are popular ecommerce channels.

As a result, in order to support businesses in their endeavours to become online successes; Advansys created an ecommerce solution that fully integrates all retail channels into one location. Companies can access one central database and manage all transaction related matters from all their channels of ecommerce. What's more, this solution is equally as suitable for businesses looking for B2B ecommerce solutions.

Ecommerce Solutions for B2B Companies

Online retail marketplaces are commonly seen as a place for consumers, but there is still potential to reach out to other businesses that may require the support of your products or services. With this multi channel ecommerce framework you can organise things from one location such as:

  • Sales orders
  • Products
  • Returns
  • Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Customer Details

This ecommerce solution can streamline your business processes and gives you the freedom to make the most of as many ecommerce channels as you want.

Advansys are experts in ecommerce and all their solutions are created and implemented with your business strategies and goals in mind. We support your aim to increase conversions, sales, revenue and make your business perform more efficiently.

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