Why Security Is A Key Part Of Omni Channel?

Posted on 27 Oct 2014
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The amount of personal data held online is growing at a phenomenal rate, and with omni channel being one of the latest technological advances, those who implement this beneficial online strategy should be aware of the potential security risks involved if it isn't executed properly.

How Can I Avoid Security Risks With Omni Channel Retail?

To understand Omni channel you must first be familiar with the concept of a 'channel'. These are places of contact either online or offline that a customer can interact and connect with your brand. If you have a desktop website, this is a channel. An app? Another channel. A brochure, a social media page, a staffed store, or any other way a customer can connect, then you have a multi-channel business. If these channels are all fused to create a seamless experience for the user then it is an omni channel business.

Consumers don't just use their desktop computers to access your site anymore, they use many different devices on the move. Without the smooth and thoughtfully designed user experience Omni Channel allows retailers to implement, users would be left disappointed and frustrated. The truth is omni channel makes the world a more convenient place.

Because of the increase in portable Wi-Fi devices and services on offer on the high street, customers now expect retailers to have multiple channels which are integrated so that they run effectively and smoothly together – in other words, they want an omni-channel customer experience.

However, going from one channel, such as a core desktop site or a physical store, to having many different channels all simultaneously running at once is not an easy transition for many businesses. To those that find this is the case, we'd recommend to begin with small but effective and relevant changes which are going to be of the most value to your customers. This is especially good advice for businesses who have dated and underdeveloped websites currently in use.

Customers not only expect to be able to access your website through multiple devices, they also expect and trust that their security information will be secure as they hop from each device. With proper research and ecommerce experts who can recognise security threats, hacking technologies and suspicious practises functioning on your channels from your analytics, there's a serious risk that you and your customers data will be sabotaged.

Since Omni channel brings in lots of different data all at once, businesses can be overwhelmed and lose control, but letting this happen can be costly and make customers wary of shopping with the same brand in the future. You see, customers don't experience a single channel, they experience a brand. One of the first things to ensure you have happier customers and a long-lasting reputation is to ensure identity data is kept safe at all times. For more advice on how to create a better omni channel experience, get in touch with us today.

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