Top 10 Mistakes In Web Design First 5

Posted on 16 Jan 2012
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Below is a list of the first 5 mistakes in eCommerce website design. By understanding these common mistakes we can endeavour to produce ecommerce websites without them, ensuring that your customers stay happy!

Five Of The Most Common Website Design Mistakes For eCommerce Solutions

1) Bad Search Engines – An over picky search engine reduces usability on your ecommerce website. By being too fussy over typos, hyphens, plurals and other mistakes you are effectively excluding many customers from being able to navigate your store. People such as the elderly, dyslexic and in fact anyone as we all make mistakes from time to time.

2) Online PDF Files – Customers hate having to read text via PDF files as they can cause so many problems that usually just end up with the customer walking away from your ecommerce solution. These can range from not having the correct software to open/view the PDF, having to update said software, awkward size as A4 doesn't display well on monitors and PDF's are hard to navigate. Solution any content you can put on your website do, reserve the use of PDF's for very large pieces of text or print outs.

3) Clicked Links – Customers navigate forward on a website as much as the navigate backwards on a website, not making it clear where they have just come from or how to get back can be extremely frustrating for a customer. Simple things such as breadcrumb trails or changing the colour of clicked links all help if the customer wishes to back track.

4) Non-Scanable Text – Large blocks of text are an immediate turn off to any customer. They are ugly, boring and painful to read. Thought your ecommerce solution, keep text to short widths and brief paragraphs. A clearly generated hierarchical status of text layout from headers, subheadings, links and lists is essensial so the customer knows what's what on your website.

5) Fixed Font Size – Keeping your text flexible so that I can be scaled up and down is essential for usability. Those with bad eyesight will be excluded from your ecommerce website if they cant read it.

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