5 Features For The Best Ecommerce Solution

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How do you create a website that attracts customers? What are the best ecommerce solutions to make an online business successful? Though it may appear daunting, web development is not that complicated. However, adequate knowledge is needed when analysing whether the changes you make to your online platform are beneficial or damaging.

Ecommerce Solutions Every Online Business Should Have

Creating an ecommerce store or applying changes to your existing one is a daunting task, especially when every decision you make can affect the main features of your webpage.

Even though every online seller needs different solutions, here are some versatile features for all:

  1. Accessibility on all devices. According to eMarketer, it is expected that 58.3% of all digital shoppers in the UK will use smartphones for purchases this year. A further 15 million people in the UK will use tablets.* This means that your ecommerce website should be adapted for browsing on every device if you want visitors convert to customers.
  2. Easy and fast navigation. Regardless of the ecommerce solutions you use, the result should be a website that is easy to navigate. People want your ecommerce website to be fast and smooth, so make sure there is nothing confusing about your purchasing process. In addition, it is extremely important that the page loading speed is fast – do not lose your clients because your offer was too slow.
  3. SEO. The content on your website is not only important for your visitors, but also for your search engine rankings. The more quality information you have on your platform, the better results you can expect. Think about the possibility of having a blog to share useful tips or insights – it will increase your visibility and show clients that you have knowledge of the industry.
  4. Visible products. Having the list of the products you sell is not enough for attracting consumers. Use photos or even videos on your webpage so visitors can see offers clearly. Furthermore, create sections like 'Related Products', 'Recently Sold', 'Top Sellers', etc to inspire impulsive shopping.
  5. Smooth checkout. The checkout is a major stage of the purchasing procedure, so it has to be developed carefully. Visitors can still leave your page at this point, so try to make the checkout process as easy as possible.

Qualified Specialists For The Best Ecommerce Solutions

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