6 Tips For Web Design

Posted on 02 Nov 2017
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Some people find designing a website confusing. However, the Advansys team is here to help. We can provide a wide variety of services including responsive web design and services for B2C ecommerce and brochure websites.

So, to give you a helping hand, here is a list of 6 tips for web design.

6 Tips For Web Design

  • Step Away From The Computer, Start Your Design Journey With Pencil And Paper
    Often one of the best ways to get started with a web design project is to use pencil and paper and start testing ideas by hand. Additionally, by 'going analogue' and stepping away from your computer, you can focus on the specific design itself, without being confused and distracted by the many different functions and tools that you have at your disposal when working with professional design software.
  • Make Good Use Of Stock Images
    However, when you transfer your initial designs to the computer and start to design the website, don't forget about the advantages of stock images. With high quality stock images you can add informative and engaging images to web pages, without having to schedule a photography session.

    There are lots of fantastic stock images to choose from and many stock image libraries have their own search features which allow you to quickly find images that may be useful for your web design.

    However, if you do want to create something yourself, you could instead choose to use stock images as a source of inspiration. With a large selection of categorised images, you can find a large amount of pictures, drawings Etc. Etc. to provide you with the inspiration you need to make a fantastic image for the website.
  • Think Carefully About The Colours You Choose
    It is important that you choose colours carefully. Too many colours or choosing the wrong colours could result in a confusing and difficult to understand website. There are exceptions to this rule of course and some websites and subject matters may call for a larger variation of colour.

    As such, in order to keep your colour situation under control and in order to make sure that your use of colour is uniform, it could be helpful to create a colour palette, detailing all the colours that you want to use on the website. This way you can see what colours you plan to use and experiment placing them in different areas.

    Additionally, remember that white space is very important. Don't be afraid to leave an area empty. By filling up empty space, you're not necessarily providing more information; you could be providing the user with clutter. So when designing, include lots of suitable colours and relevant images, but also be careful not to overpopulate the page with clutter. You want to make sure that when you design a webpage, the important information on the webpage can be easily understood by the user.
  • Take Regular Breaks And Let The Creativity Flow
    Many people forget about the important of taking regular breaks. Some people struggle finding inspiration whilst sat at their desk. Some prefer taking a notepad outside, going for a walk and writing down any ideas they have whilst they're walking. Whereas others enjoy visiting the library to find inspiration.

    Additionally, don't push yourself to work when the inspiration isn't flowing. If you 'try too hard' your designs may look unnatural. So don't limit yourself to your desk, search for inspiration in the place you feel most inspired.
  • Don't Forget About Responsive Web Design
    73% of consumers now use the internet on their mobile phones and as such, responsive web design is very important. If your website isn't responsive, you could potentially miss out on customers/clients.

    What Is Responsive Web Design?
    If your website is responsive, it means that the website will respond to the device that the user is using. So a responsive website will be able to be viewed on a Smartphone, a tablet, a desktop computer or whatever device the user chooses to use.

    Remember, a responsive website isn't just friendly to mobiles; it's friendly to lots of other devices. So instead of having a desktop and a mobile site, instead you can design a single responsive website.

    If you would like to learn more about responsive websites, you can do so by visiting our page for responsive web design which you can find in our web design section.
  • Speak To A Business About A Professional Web Design Service
    If you're unsure about web design, you could consider speaking to a business with lots of experience providing professional web design services, such as Advansys.

    At Advansys, we have been designing websites for many years and as a result these many years, we have a large amount of experience working on a variety of different projects. We have worked with businesses of different sizes from numerous different industries. This variety has provided our team of dedicated specialists with an understanding of all the aspects of ecommerce and it gives us both the skills and the knowledge necessary to be the industry-leading web design company that we are today; Advansys.

    We create easy-to-use websites which are designed to both convey your brand's personality and also be simple and enjoyable experiences for your customers. Our talented team can design both professional ecommerce websites for both B2B and B2C ecommerce, we can design responsive websites and we can also design brochure websites.

Searching For A Professional Web Design Service? Speak To The Advansys Team Today!

If you're interested in a professional web design service for B2C ecommerce, B2B ecommerce or if you're searching for a business to provide you with a web design service for a brochure website, talk to the talented team at Advansys.

If you would like to learn more about the previous web design projects that we have worked on, you could browse through our web design portfolio. Alternatively, if you would like to talk to our team and discuss a web design solution, please feel free to contact us using the information below.

If you would like to speak to the Advansys team by telephone, you can give us a call on 0845 838 2700, our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm. However, if you would prefer to contact our team online, you can do so by sending us an email at sales@advansys.com or by filling out our contact form and our team will respond as soon as possible.

We're also on social media; you can reach out to us by following us on Twitter, @advansysuk.

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

You are always welcome to visit us in our Wokingham office or you can also call us on 0118 380 0201 and drop us a message via our the website.

We'd love to show you how you can get more web traffic and leads, increase your online sales, provide better customer service & grow online.

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