Basics You Should Know When Building Ecommerce Websites

Posted on 18 Mar 2013
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If you are thinking about selling online and starting a new business, you need to have an ecommerce plan ready. It is very important to have a plan as an ecommerce website can be a complex thing to manage and very costly if not done correctly.

As ecommerce is the future of today, your ecommerce website must cater for all users as the customers expect an easy, simple time when shopping online.

With regards to planning and the goals you wish to achieve, you need to consider who your target audience is and what they need. Are you offering products or services and in which way will you choose to display these online?

If you are selling products online you will need to have a secure and robust shopping basket and checkout process component on your ecommerce website. Customers can lose all trust and value in your business if the payment process is not up to par.

How to manage your e-commerce solutions

Once your website is built you will have to maintain all aspects of operating online, including online marketing. When people are searching on Google and other search engines for your products, you need your website to rank well all the time so traffic can consistently come to your website and generate conversions.

In order to start ranking you need a registered domain name as soon as your ecommerce website is completed. Your chosen domain name should be easy to spell and remember. Also, for SEO purposes, it could be helpful if it were related to what your business does; however Google are moving away from taking exact match domain names into consideration.

What precisely makes a good e commerce website?

The design of course is a vital part towards creating e commerce solutions, as you want to attract your customers with an enticingly designed website.

There are a number of other highly important factors you have to always maintain when having a website. Especially if you want your website to keep a good ranking in the search engines.

The content on all your pages needs to be interesting and also updated regularly. Nobody wants to read boring information so this is important to change whenever you have any special offers, new products or any other news. Fresh new content will keep your customers coming back and save you as a favourite, so they can check your website for new products or updates.

Another way of making the content on your site interesting is to have high quality graphics around your site. Some for illustration purposes and others for your products, as it is very important to have high quality resolution images.

The structure of your e-commerce website needs to have simple access to all pages. Design structure also is important as you want people to know where to click for different pages, how to pay for their orders and display everything clearly.

Just as important is the navigation of your site, this has to be simple for the user. All links should work and nothing should land anyone to a non functioning page.

Overall your entire website should look professional and reach out to any visitor coming to check out your site. Your customers need to know that they will be able to speak to someone on the phone if they encounter any problems or wish to make an enquiry. On your website include a contact us page where a full address, telephone numbers and email can be displayed.

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