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When you're an excising company and you need a website design its very likely that you will already have a strong corporate identity, but how can you bridge the gap between your offline and online materials?

Methods To Bridge The Gap Between Your Offline And Online Business

One method used by many to help retain corporate brand consistency over different mediums is to create a brand guidelines document. This document will set in stone rules where consistently is required. This will include: Typography, colours and on which backgrounds, the spacing around letters, content and images and how and where the logo design is to be used.

When you move your branding to your website design, many of the same rules apply as with print and other mediums. Sometimes there is the presumption that we are held back by technology, accessibility and cross-browser considerations, such as a restricted number of typefaces, however, your corporate design elements can be recreated or manipulated to suit the web.

When working on you website design its best to gather together all current company print media, and any other form of branding. This collation of materials is the essence of the corporate identity and must be reflected on to the website design. Continuation of consistent objects such as logo position, colours, and fonts is key to bridging the gap between all other media. All material should work as one, and reflect the corporate identity wherever possible.

Don't forget, the objective is to maintain consistent brand recognition. When a visitor arrives at the website - it needs to be immediately apparent where they are.

Professional Website Design

If you need a website design that will reflects your corporate identity the team at advansys can make this happen. Check out our website design portfolio to see what we have already done for so many.

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