Construction Industry Website Design Tips

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At Advansys, we are a team of dedicated website design experts who follow the latest design trends, technology and techniques. The latest graphic design techniques can be used across almost any project, however the way that you apply the knowledge differs from target audience and company type.

In today's blog we have asked our web design experts to pull together some top tips for construction/industrial company website design.

Construction Industry Logo Design

A logo design for the construction industry most commonly targets corporate businesses and individuals, with a higher number of these being men. With this in mind you should aim to create a professional and corporate looking logo design, with contemporary and clean results. A strong typeface with a well-designed icon always works best in this circumstance.

Construction Industry Website Layout

With a construction website its best to keep a professional, corporate and clean website layout since most will target corporate businesses. Make use of good images, blocks of colour, text with plenty of white space for a professional and corporate look. Keep effects to a minimum to maintain a clean, and crisp style website design.

Keep Images Professional

When it comes to images on a construction website its important to keep images professional. Unprofessional images will ruin a good website design, so should be taken seriously. I would recommend making use of professional stock photography or illustration that portray the specific industry for the best results possible.

By following simple tips like these will result in a professional website design perfect for the construction industry.

If you require a website design for your industry contact the ecommerce experts at advansys, who can apply these and many other great graphic design tips for the best result possible. Take a look at our successful ecommerce design portfolio for great examples of work already completed.

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