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Navigation is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any website design. It's really quite simple why. If a user cannot find their way around the site, they will get frustrated, and simply go elsewhere. So when designing an ecommerce website or static website its important to follow user expectations in navigation.

What Does It Mean To Follow User Expectations In Navigation?

When people use the internet most of the websites and software they use will follow a pattern, therefore when you break from this 'expectation' of where navigation will be, and how it can be used, you will most likely confuse users. If you have a ecommerce solution ts important to be selling and showcasing the products, therefore its even more essential users can quickly and easily use your website with no confusion.

Its not rocket science however to design successful navigation. Simple things like ensuring a button looks like a button, a drop-down menu works how you would expect, a video is played how you would expect - the list goes on! The web is full of great examples of good navigation and after a short browse around it will be clear what these patterns are. This doesn't mean that you can't be innovative, just that the navigation works how a web user would expect.

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