Do Shoppers Trust Mobile Websites?

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Recent research shows that although ecommerce and online shopping is moving increasingly to mobile and handheld devices, this is where people feel most at risk of card fraud and identity theft.

Ecommerce Solutions On The Move

Where 60% of those surveyed believe themselves at risk when using a mobile to shop online only 13% feel the same when using a home computer. With so many people now owning iPhones, smartphones or another mobile device (such as a tablet) the need to begin to concentrate on building ecommerce solutions that adapt seamlessly to mobile devices is vital in order to give people more confidence in mobile ecommerce.

Build Confidence with Mcommerce

In order to give people confidence and allow them to trust mcommerce solutions, retailers must begin to further customise their websites to be scalable to any platform. This might involve using the fabled liquid layout (a method of designing and coding a website so that it resizes to fit into whatever size window it is viewed in) or having a separate ecommerce solution designed specifically for viewing on mobile devices. If enough retailers get themselves good looking, and functioning, mobile websites then there is no reason why people should continue to feel insecure about shopping online from their mobiles.

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