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With many existing eCommerce website designs, a lack of attention focus towards the overall usability of the site can be its major downfall. Here at Advansys, we are always researching and developing new ways to improve the navigation of the sites we develop.

Why Does Your Site Need To Be Easily-Usable?

When a customer arrives at your ecommerce website, they will want to know where they need to go to find exactly what they need and how they can get there in the quickest manner possible.

Inconsistent fonts, images and colour schemes can be off putting to a customer ending up with them not knowing what to click on first. Visual feedback could be missing and important links and buttons may be hidden below the fold of a page.

This can be avoided with easy to use category structures to help with navigation, clear headings and a consistent breadcrumb trail to help inform the customer where they are. With Advansys this can all be controlled from a single platform, the CMS.

The Advantages Of A Simple Website Navigation

By fixing any usability issues that your eCommerce website design might suffer from, it can and will reduce the bounce back rate and increase conversion. We know having that image, link or wording on the landing page can catch the customer's eye and get them looking through your site before they even think to hit the back button on their browser.

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