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If a customer cannot easily use your ecommerce website design, the loss of potential sales can be as high as 50%. Poor usability is the direct result of poor web design and website development solutions. Here at Advansys we create all of our ecommerce websites to improve usability and thus increase sales.

Ecommerce solutions that succeed in the modern online marketplace need to focus on being ever more user-friendly. A complicated interface will always result in the loss of potential customers.

Tips To Improve Your eCommerce Site's User-Friendliness

There are five easy steps that can be adopted to improve an ecommerce website's usability:
1. Ecommerce functionality which help direct the customer towards related products, and then towards the point of sale.
2. A secure, transparent and easy to use transaction solution directly reduces the number of customers that drop out within a sales funnel.
3. Ease of navigation - to help the customer find what they are looking for within your site with the least number of clicks.
4. An Ecommerce centred design – a clean and simple layout that does not confuse or frustrate the customer is a key aspect of any good ecommerce solution.
5. Security: any ecommerce website which is not PCI Compliant is at greater risk of 'hacking' – and in the event of such a security breach major payment providers such as MasterCard may deny their services – directly limiting sales potential.

Breaking down the barriers which might prevent a sale is one of the fundamental principles of all sales enterprises – and ecommerce websites should be no different. With all the traffic in the world, an ecommerce solution is still not going to succeed if it cannot convert those visitors into customers, and professional website design is one of the most effective means of doing that!

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