Five Avoidable Mistakes In Ecommerce Web Design

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Poor ecommerce web design is just as bad as having a website that isnnt working. If landing pages donnt have a clear intent and navigation is poor, users will leave your site and will not convert. Just having an online web presence is not enough. With effective ecommerce web design, profitability can be improved.

Five Big Mistakes In Ecommerce Web Design

There are millions of ecommerce stores online, each selling a variety of products. Highly competitive, staying on top will make sure your business survives. There are five common mistakes made in ecommerce web design that are easily avoidable.

  • Simple is better Whilst graphics and colours are very important, so is white space. When dealing with ecommerce web design, simple is better. White or negative spacee can be used to draw attention to important areas of your website, and can also guide the customerrs eye. Although it is important to get the most out of your pixels, it doesnnt mean that you have fill them with content. Try to avoid overwhelming the customer with information by choosing a few important elements to focus on.
  • Make it easy When customers visit your site, they will either have something specific in mind, or will just want to browse. Either way, it is important that they are able to find what they want. Promotional banners and calls-to-action are a great way to direct customers. For those who simply want to browse, it is also important that your site is easy to browse.
  • Conversion is key The most important part of your ecommerce web design is the shopping cart. Without this, customers will not be able to purchase, and your business will be redundant. The design of your shopping cart is imperative to securing sales and creating new ones. Customers must be able to add multiple products, revise the quantities and change their selection from within the cart.
  • Keep revising Even though you think you might have a great design, it is important to keep testing your site. Make sure that it is user friendly from a customerrs perspective. If you are serious about improving your website and conversion rates, talk to Conversion Rate Optimisers or Advansys.
  • Make your site searchable making sure your site is easy to search, is just as important as making it easy to navigate. If a customer knows what they are looking for, they will either search for it directly, or go to the specific page. Make sure your search results are precise. Include ways for the consumer to filter the results and narrow down their selection.

Avoid Mistakes With An Ecommerce Web Design Specialist

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