How To Make A User Friendly eCommerce Site

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Ecommerce website designs has the same functionality as a real shop. You need to attract your visitors to your store, and sell your products. The internet however is a different medium, and without an understanding of the internet and user expectations you could result in an ecommerce store that's not user friendly.

How Do You Create A User-Friendly eCommerce Site Design?

So how do you create a user-friendly ecommerce website design? Our website design experts have put together some useful tips to help you result in a user-friendly ecommerce solution.

  • Navigation - Navigation is key! Your navigation should be clearly positioned on all pages. Our recommendation would be to have the navigation down the left hand side, or across the top of the site. Positioned elsewhere will result in confusion, so its important to follow website design trends in user expectations.
  • Find your way - On any page throughout the site your visitors should know where they are, and how to find where they want to go in your ecommerce solution. With use of a well positioned and well structured navigation bar, with bread crumb trails, users will be able to find any page on the site quickly and easily.
  • Easy to read text - Information should be easy to read. Use of bullet points and well structured text will ensure users can quickly absorb information. Blocks of text online are difficult to read, and should be avoided where possible.
  • Fonts - Fonts used within the body of your site should be a clean font that's easy to read with a good colour contrast to its background. Fonts should also be web safe to ensure all visitors see the website design the way its meant to be. Funky fonts can be used within banners or images, but never used for informative text.
  • Images - large, accurate images with the option to zoom will help the user look at the products easily, which will gain customer confidence. If you want the user to see the products in use, include online video demonstrations for maximum effect.
  • And most importantly - Be found! - with the huge growth in online stores you need to ensure users can find your site. With use of good Search Engine Optimisation your shop will be found by users across the globe. Contact our specialist SEO team - SEO Junkies - for more information

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