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When you're adding text to your corporate website design, occasionally you may need to describe complicated procedures or topics.

Common Issues With Web-Based Apps

The problem with web based applications is that users are unlikely to read long paragraphs of text, in the same way they would when reading a book or newspaper. Text on the web needs to be bite-sized chunks so easily absorbed. Refer to the recent blog "10 tips for website design using text" for more advice when using text in your website design.

But what happens if this is just not possible? The procedure is just too complicated to break down? Why not try including a diagram into your website design to illustrate your procedure or topic. The saying "a picture paints a thousand words" applies here more than in most circumstances.

How Useful Are Diagrams, Really?

Diagrams and charts are very good at showing actions, processes, events and ideas. In addition, for a number of visually inclined people, charts and diagrams also provide a visual method of thinking out ideas. The most important thing to understand is that diagrams show abstract rather than literal representations of information, so you do not need to show exactly what happens.

The most commonly known, and easiest to create diagram is a graph-based diagram where the relationships are expressed as connections between the items (also known as flowchart or tree diagram). In its simplest form this is boxes of text that are linked by lines or arrows to represent a procedure. These boxes can be replaced by graphical representations, or icons so that it is easier to adsorb by the user, which is ideal for website design. The information will seem friendlier, and a visual understanding will be give even if all the text is not read.

If you need to show a product and not a procedure, consider an exploded diagram. Exploded diagrams are common in descriptive manuals showing parts placement, or parts contained in an assembly or sub-assembly. This is a fantastic way of showing a complicated product, as items can easily be colour coded, numbered or labeled.

Well designed diagrams could lead to an award winning website design, and ensure that your visitors return to your site again and again, but if diagrams are still not the answer, consider the use of streaming video. You could have product video demonstrations, or live talking presenters on your website design. For more information on what you could do with video production, contact Advansys.

Professional Web Design And Visual Content!

If you need a website design to display your information, diagrams, or video, contact the team at Advansys. We have proven experience in the area of corporate website design. Check out our extesnive portfolio here!

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