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Posted on 24 Apr 2013
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In a recent report by the EPiServer, mobile websites and apps from 30 of the UKKs top retailers were scored against a best practice benchmark.

The Importance Of Making Your E-commerce Website Mobile

Published this week by EPiServer, a study entitled Mobile commerce: What consumers really wantt, indicated that online retailers are working harder towards achieving a mobile e-commerce website which will satisfy customer expectations. Increasing from 47% in 2011, to an average of 55% inn2013, it was found that more retailers were implementing mobile solutions for their e-commerce websites. Also highlighting the increase in mobile apps over sites, the research showed that since the last study, online retailers have significantly improved their offering for mobile shoppers. In 2011, the study showed that 30% of the top ten retailers did not have mobile optimised e-commerce websites. Now, the research shows that only 17% of the top 30 are without mobile sites.

Research found that e-commerce giants Debenhams, Expedia and Argos, were the top providers of mobile commerce in the UK. When scored against the best practice benchmark, they were found to score highly in consumer attitudes to mobile usage and experience, exceeding customer expectations. At present, the best practice benchmarkk assesses the mobile offering of the UKKs top retailers against criteria including key functionality, ease of use, and the speed of their site. Inclusive of all mobile offerings such as native apps, mobile sites and tablet solutions, the study scored the retailers against the expectations and behaviour of mobile shoppers. With an impressive score of 90%, Debenhams knocked Argos of the top spot. However, continuing to perform well, Argos achieved a score of 85%, placing them in joint 2nd with newcomer Expedia. On average, UK retailers scored only 55%, despite improvements in mobile ecommerce websites since 2011.

Mobile Solutions For Your Ecommerce Website

In 2010, visits to e-commerce websites via mobile devices saw a dramatic increase. Over the past 3 years, retailers have strived to implement mobile sites to meet consumer demands. Acknowledging the increase in requirement for mobile solutions, advansys have developed mobile applications for online retailers. An integral part of a successful multichannel ecommerce website, mobile optimisation can enable retailers to gain new customers and improve sales revenue. With a mobile device, shoppers can locate a store, compare prices and even purchase through an app, and so the importance of providing a solution that meets these requirements, has never been so essential.

Employing a team of developers who specialise solely in m-commerce, advansys can assist you in the development and creation of a successful mobile application. Before you begin on development, it is important to clarify what you want to achieve from a mobile solution. We can optimise your existing e-commerce website for mobile, or create an app to promote your business and brand. When optimising for mobile, advansys will help you to build an app that is functional and easy to use, whilst remaining true to your vision.

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