Most Outstanding Colours For eCommerce Designs

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When developing your ecommerce solution and corporate identity you may be considering your colour choices, but how can you make the most outstanding colour choice?

Our website design experts have put together some tips which will help you to make the most outstanding colour choice for your online retail platform!

Top Tips For Your eCommerce Website Designs!

  • Select one of two primary colours. This choice of colour will shape the choice of the secondary colour palette, and form the ecommerce solution brand identity and logo design, so is most important. Refer to our recent blog 'use of colour in your website design part 1' for some helpful tips.
  • Select your secondary colour palette using a colour wheel. This will help select colours that will work in harmony as well as choosing good working contrasting colours.
  • Some colours may instantly relate to your industry, so will make the choice for you easier. The easier the colour relation to your company, the better so it's worth spending the time to get this right.
  • Use a maximum of 4 colours within your ecommerce design. Although you may want a colourful website design you should consider that overuse of colour can make your site look busy, and potentially unprofessional is used incorrectly.

Outstanding colour choices will result in an outstanding corporate identity and ecommerce website design. If you want your outstanding colour choice bought to life, or a perfect colour scheme selected for your ecommerce solution, contact the team at Advansys.

How Can Advansys' Professional Web Design Help You?

We can design everything from your logo design to your corporate website design. Check out our professional ecommerce solutions portfolio to see what we have already done for so many. If you already have a website, but want a website redesign, we can help optimize your current solution using various design tips and tricks.

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