Pink Colour Psychology In eCommerce Websites

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Our reaction to colour is almost instantaneous and has a profound impact on the choices we make everyday. Making the correct colour choices in your ecommerce website design or corporate identity is essential.

How Can Pink Work Within eCommerce Solution?

Different colours can have a real effect on your customer's perception of your site. The following points relate directly to the colour pink, and can be used to relate to the messages you want to get across in your ecommerce solutions:

  • Pink is often associated with love and romance. For this reason if you have an ecommerce solutions that sells engagements rings for example, pink should be among your colour choices.
  • Pink is thought to have a calming effect, however researchers have found that this effect only occurs during the initial exposure to the colour. On an ecommerce solution however this initial exposure can be used to your advantage! If you need a site to calm your visitors, pink should be considered.
  • Pink is most often associated with femininity. For this reason any ecommerce websites directly aimed at females, pink should be among your primary selection. Lighter and darker shades of the colour can link directly to a certain age group, for example a lighter pink is often associated to baby girls.
  • Pink can directly link to the following words: Spring, gratitude, appreciation, admiration, sympathy, femininity, health, love, romance, June, marriage, joy, flirtatiousness, innocence, and child-like. If any of these words relate to the product or services on your ecommerce solution, pink should be part of your colour selection.

Although all of the points above symbolize pink, you need to use it in different ways with other design aspects to push on the required outcome, therefore knowing your colour intentions will improve your ecommerce websites or corporate identity.

Using Colour In Your Web Design!

By understanding how to use colour, you will create a successful e-commerce website design that ensure your visitors feel the way you intend. If you want help and advice to build your ecommerce website solution, contact the team at Advansys. If you already have a website, but want a website re-design, we can help optimize your current solution using various design tips and tricks.

Advansys have a dedicated ecommerce specialist team who can bring your dream alive, exactly the way you want it. Why not check out our ecommerce solutions portfolio and see what we have already done for so many businesses.

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