Responsive Ecommerce: What Are The Best Practices?

Posted on 22 Oct 2014
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A business which implements responsive ecommerce to their website is one which cares about their customers. It shows you're keen to advance and are committed to providing an easy and accessible website for all. With more consumers opting to use their phones, kindles and tablets to access your website, making sure it's suitable for use on these devices is paramount. We've come up with a few imperative practises to consider for when you go responsive.

What Are The Very Best Practices Of Responsive Ecommerce?

  • Speed & Simplification - Slow loading times are a thing of the past with responsive ecommerce. With well thought out filtering techniques, you can create a positive user experience for all your customers. Likewise, these handy filtering options and large call to action buttons will make navigating your website easy.
  • Consistency – Creating separate domains for each device is time consuming and a waste of resources, and it's virtually impossible to keep up with all the new devices constantly hitting the market. A responsive site is cleaner, more efficient, and is completely flexible for use on any device.
  • Quality – A responsive site is appealing to look at too. Since screen space is taken up by only the most important content, consumers don't need to wade through all the unnecessary content to add to their virtual shopping baskets. Zooming in on a photo on a non-responsive site on a phone can also be a hassle. Ensure your website is intuitive to customers' needs so that they have complete freedom to browse with ease.

Why Should You Go Responsive?

Consumers nowadays want to shop at anytime and in anyplace, and we're all consumers. That time you saw a really cool item on TV but realised that reaching for your phone to buy it instead of getting up to use your laptop was much more convenient? Let's face it – most of us would take the lazy route if it didn't make a difference to the result. Responsive ecommerce is there for pure practicality. There's no need to get up when you have a fully functioning, flexible, and speedy site at your fingertips.

However, responsive ecommerce isn't just for lazy people, it's also designed for those who completely disagree with the lazies theory of laziness - these are the get up and go people. Constantly on the move, they want that very cool item and they want it now. They didn't see the product on television - they saw it on the side of a speeding bus as they rushed to buy a coffee before starting work. It's 5 minutes to 9 in the morning and she needs a site which is going to act fast, with large call to action buttons for easy navigation – will you be the one who won't give it to her? We hope not.

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Simply put, if your business doesn't have a responsive ecommerce site, then you're missing out on a huge and profitable market. Advansys are Ecommerce specialists, providing bespoke website design and ecommerce solutions to benefit your business. For more information on responsive ecommerce and access to an award winning ecommerce team, visit or call 0845 838 2700 for a more responsive and bespoke website design.

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