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All ecommerce websites sell different products that target individual groups of people, therefore you should aim to target that specific group through your corporate brand and ecommerce website design. In today's blog our ecommerce design experts explain how you can target a young audience with your ecommerce design.

Logo Design For A Young Audience!

To give the graphic designer the best chance of designing a ecommerce solution for a young audience you need to start with the logo design. If you take a look at children's cartoon logo designs, compared to corporate business logo designs you will see a huge difference.

Bright colours, bold shapes and thick lines are almost always evident so this should be implemented into your young logo design. Think fun, think colourful and bold and the kids will love it! Have fun with flash animation and make the logo bounce, wobble or glow and you'll be onto a winner.

Make Your eCommerce Design Fun!

Any website design for a young audience should be fun to use. With use of colour, images and shapes you can enhance the online shopping experience so the site is not only practical, but also fun to use.

Include a few flash games will attract their attention when shopping, but keep the games short so they return to shop right away. Don't forget it's not only a fun experience, but you still want to make those sales.

Keep Your Site Navigation Simple

For younger children keep the site structure very simple, and buttons large and clear. Navigation should be kept in one place to avoid confusion. Any technical information for parents can be simple text links at the top, or bottom of the website design.

Keep Your Info Easy And Short!

Ecommerce websites targeted at children should not contain any text that's difficult to read. Keep information short and snappy, but don't forget to leave enough for parents to go through.

By following these tips, designing an ecommerce solution for a young audience should be a fun process. If you want a ecommerce website that's targeted at children, or any other audience, contact the ecommerce experts at advansys who can work with you to get the perfect solution for your requirements.

Check out our eCommerce design portfolio to see what we have already done for so many.

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